Rebranding the information hub for all things tech in Bristol, Bath and the West of England region.

About TechSPARK
We were approached by Ben to rebrand techSPARK to freshen up the branding and logo to develop a uniform brand that can be applied over multiple TechSPARK initiatives and products. We want a clean palette of colours that reflect our work with fast growth tech companies, and sits better with our tech audience. Importantly we don’t want to be too far removed from the current colours which has been used since inception.

The challenge

The challenge ahead for TechSPARK’s rebranding initiative is multifaceted, demanding a delicate balance between innovation and tradition. A major hurdle lies in ensuring that the revamped branding remains authentic to the organisation’s roots while embracing a fresh and modern outlook. Striking this balance will be crucial to preserving TechSPARK’s existing brand equity and recognition, while also appealing to new audiences and ventures.

Another aspect of the challenge centers around the need for seamless implementation across various TechSPARK initiatives and products. The rebranding must extend coherently to each branch of the organisation, maintaining consistency and uniformity without stifling individuality. This requires meticulous planning and coordination to guarantee that every aspect of the brand echoes the central vision and core values.

TechSPARK logo

Before the redesign, the TechSpark logo featured a clean and modern design, with the word “TechSpark” written in bold, sleek typography. The word “Spark” was emphasised by a small, subtle star symbol placed above the letter “k,” representing innovation and creativity.

In the new logo, the essence of the original design was preserved, but with a more refined and versatile approach. The word “TechSpark” remained dominant, but the star symbol was replaced by an asterisk, creatively integrated into the letter “k.” This enhancement gave the logo a fresh, contemporary feel while maintaining the core identity of the brand.

By utilising the asterisk as an independent brand mark, TechSpark ensured consistency across various collateral, including digital platforms, stationery, merchandise, and marketing materials. This cohesive approach effectively strengthened their brand recognition and allowed the asterisk to serve as a visual cue, symbolising the spark of innovation that defines TechSpark’s products and services.

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