Henry Nuttall

Rebranding the oldest fish and chip fryer manufacturer in the UK.

About Henry Nuttall
The first Fish & Chip shops opened in 1860, with Malin’s in London and J Lees in Lancashire, both claiming to be the first shop. Shortly after this in 1865, with the popularity of Fish of chips becoming apparent across the UK and Ireland, Henry Nuttall Ltd was founded. The Original Frying Range manufacturer in the World.

The challenge

The central challenge lay in the art of harmonising the traditional values and craftsmanship that have been the foundation of Henry Nuttall’s reputation with the sleek aesthetics and expectations of the modern market. The new logo needed to stand as a contemporary symbol while paying homage to the brand’s deep-rooted history. Striking this equilibrium required careful consideration and a deep understanding of the essence that has propelled Henry Nuttall through decades of culinary excellence.

The challenge was to create a logo that told a story—a story of evolution, resilience, and a brand determined to transcend its own legacy. In the end, the goal was not merely to design a logo, but to craft a visual identity that would encapsulate the very spirit of Henry Nuttall—a tale of tradition reinvented, a legacy revitalised, and a commitment to delivering exceptional fish and chip fryers that stand at the intersection of time-honoured artistry and contemporary innovation.

Henry Nuttall logo

In the pursuit of simplicity and contemporary elegance, our journey towards the new Henry Nuttall logo led us to the creation of a striking emblem that encapsulates the essence of our brand. The focal point of this rebrand is the harmoniously interwoven ‘HN’ monogram, an emblematic representation of there commitment to innovation while honouring our cherished legacy.

The design process began with a deep exploration of the brand’s values and history. We recognised the need for a logo that not only captured the sophistication of Henry Nuttall’s fish and chip fryer manufacturing but also resonated with a modern audience. The ‘HN’ emblem emerged as a frontrunner due to its potential to bridge the gap between time-honored tradition and contemporary sensibilities.

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