CCTV Options

Rebranding a surveillance business based in Bristol

About CCTV Options

We were approached by Mervyn to rebrand CCTV options  to freshen up the branding and logo to develop a uniform brand that can be applied over multiple mediums. We want a clean palette of colours that reflect our work with fast growth tech companies, and sits better with our tech audience. Importantly we don’t want to be too far removed from the current colours which has been used since inception.

The challenge

In a world where security is paramount, our recent branding endeavor posed a unique challenge: to reposition a local CCTV company from its conventional roots into a brand that embodies innovation, reliability, and community trust. Our mission was to breathe life into their identity, ensuring it resonated in a digital age while remaining deeply connected to its local foundation.

Our strategy involved a meticulous fusion of modernity and familiarity. We recognised the need to distill intricate technological concepts into a visual language that transcends complexity. The focal point of our solution was crafting a symbol that encapsulated surveillance prowess while fostering an immediate sense of confidence. Through intensive brainstorming and iterative design, we shaped an emblematic ‘C’ that functioned as both a mark of security and a badge of distinction.

CCTV Options logo

Before: The original CCTV Options logo encapsulated a simplistic design featuring the company’s initials “CCTV” in a standard font. While functional, it lacked a memorable identity. The logo’s visual impact was limited, failing to communicate the brand’s essence effectively. It lacked versatility and failed to establish a strong connection with the brand’s identity.

After: The revamped CCTV Options logo underwent a transformative evolution. Meticulously designed with the vision of creating a distinctive and versatile symbol, the new logo now incorporates a stylised ‘C’ that doubles as a potent brand mark across diverse collateral. The ‘C’ is cleverly crafted to symbolise security and vigilance while embodying a sense of modernity. Its bold and sleek lines exude confidence and professionalism. The new logo establishes a powerful visual presence, ensuring immediate recognition and leaving a lasting impression. This transformation reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation and its aspiration to stand out in a competitive market, promising a strong and resonant identity for CCTV Options across all touchpoints.

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